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International database for Accredited Sports Nutritionists.

All Accredited Sports Nutritionists have met the minimum educational and professional requirements to register as either Provisionally or Openly Accredited members.

The Certificate program is the entry level education program for eligibility to register as a provisionally Accredited Sports Nutritionist. This Certificate comprises 12 subjects across Exercise & Nutrition Physiology and Sports Nutrition Practise.

All openly accredited members have at the very least completed; a Graduate Diploma or Bachelors in a relevant Nutrition or Exercises Science program (and any subjects not covered in their programs are made up in the certificate), and have at least 2-years full time practise in the industry.

All provisionally covered members are eligible for registration for up to 3-years before being required to enrol into further study at the Graduate Diploma or Bachelors level in one of the aforementioned programs.

To maintain Professional Registration it is compulsory that all members complete Annual CPD(Continuing Professional Development – provided by the Association), annual Practicing Audits, and be insured with the Sports Nutritionist policy that complies with regionally specific insurance requirements . Every Member in this registry meets these standards and is listed at their respective level of Professional Registration.

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